Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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Technical Reports and Book Chapters

Geology and geodiversity of the Amazon: Three billion years of history. The Amazon Report (Chapter 1).
Pedro Val, Jorge Figueiredo, Gustavo de Melo , Suzette G.A. Flantua, Carlos Alberto Quesada, Ying Fan, James S. Albert , Juan M. Guayasamin, Carina Hoorn

Selected abstract presentations

(* denotes undergraduate student author)

*Oliveira, P. O.; Val, P. Modelagem numérica aplicada à identificação de soerguimento tectônico na Pré-cordilheira Argentina. Oral.  Geosudeste, Campinas, SP 2019

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*Eugênio, A. L.; Val, P. Caracterização geomorfológico-quantitativa e modelagem numérica de zonas de captura de drenagem no sudeste Brasileiro. Poster. Geosudeste, Campinas, SP 2019

Val, P.; Willenbring, J. K. 2019. The tail doesn’t wag the dog: Asymmetry of the Andes orogen driven by the geometry of the subducting Nazca slab. Regional Conference in Geomorphology, Athens 2019

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