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I study the interactions between tectonic, lithological, climatic, and surface processes and their individual contributions to the evolution of landscapes in mountains above subduction zones as well as in intraplate settings! I also study the relationships between landscape evolution and biodiversity in the Amazon.


• New review paper out in SCIENCE!  Human impacts outpace natural processes in the Amazon

• I recently moved to Queens College, City University of New York as an Assistant Professor! 

• Have you heard about DELTA H?! We're building a vibrant and inclusive community of Geomorphology and Landscape Evolution in Brazil. Come be a part of it! Go to:

• Brazilian and South American students: come be a part of the landscape evolution group at Queens College! Get in touch!

I am looking for undergraduate and graduate students to join my group to work on one of several projects in landscape evolution. If you're interested, get in touch! 

Prospective MS student? Go here to read about our MS programs at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College.

Prospective PhD student? Make sure you check out the Earth and Environmental Sciences PhD Program at CUNY.

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