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I'm always looking for motivated graduate students and postdocs! 

See below for a list of topics. If you're interested, get in touch!


Exploring systematic patterns in drainage divide asymmetry in the Guiana Shield

Exploring the role of resistant rocks in driving topographic transience: numerical modeling and field work

Exploring litho-structural, tectonic, and climatic controls on escarpment erosion in continent interiors


• Mapping and dating abandoned fluvial deposits in the Amazon region

• Applying cosmogenic nuclides to target various geologic and environmental questions

Exploring the relationships between topography, landscape evolution, and biodiversity

Bring your ideas! Let's discuss new projects and how I can help you reach your goals!

General student profile of those coming to work with me:

• Prior experience and/or affinity with the use of digital elevation models and GIS.

• Prior experience using programming language (i.e. Python, Matlab, C, R) is desired but not conditional. We will teach you a lot of these skills throughout your studies.

• For projects relating to biodiversity, prior experience in biology is desired, but not conditional.

• Prior experience in the field is key for projects involving field work, but not conditional. We can train you in the field throughout your studies too.

Please contact me if you're interested. I highly encourage applications by underrepresented minority groups.

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