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Hey there's some news about my work out there!

Sept-19 through 27

I was lucky to participate in the Regional Conference on Geomorphology and on the Intensive Training Course for Young Geomorphologists in Athens, Greece in September, funded by the International Association of Geomorphologists as well as the Brazilian National Research Council! It was a really cool experience!


Project AMERICAS funded in the 2018 Serrapilheira call! The results just came out! This is a huge win for me and for the AMERICAS team/project.


I'm looking for a masters student to study watershed development, knickpoint propagation, and drainage divide stability in Pantanal region to start in July - 2019!

Send me and e-mail if you're interested!


July-9 through 29

Camila (ms-student) and I are going to the field!

We'll collect fish for genetic studies and sediment for provenance and geochronology of river capture events!

It'll be a blast!

This is the first round of AMERICAS field trips. I'm super excited!


Today in our group's discussion, we're reading Hemingway et al's 2018 Microbial oxidation of lithospheric organic carbon in rapidly eroding tropical mountain soils.


We're starting a group to discuss cool geomorphology papers! Next week we're discussing:

Self-formed bedrock waterfalls

(Scheingross et al. 2018)


Four new people joined the group!

Msc student Camila Fadul and U-grad students Luane Ferreira, Caio Crelier, and Matheus Parreiras!

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